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The following is a general guide and list of prices for work performed by LPR. This list does not cover all work performed here, but is does contain an overview of the most common jobs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Larry. But, please understand, that most of the time, the shop is a one-man operation; time spent on the phone is time taken away from getting your work back to you.
Thank you for your understanding.

Phone: (603) 357-0055

Estimates and Deposits
Drilling and Tapping
Metal Work
Stock Work
General Work

Estimates and Deposits
To look at your gun in shop, make suggestions or keep overnight with no repairs performed $20.00
Written Estimate $35.00
Deposit on Special items or to hold an item 50%
Pre-Contoured Barrel Fitting and Polishing  
  Krieger or Brux Stainless Steel and Chrom-Moly, 28" or less $575.00
    30" Stainless Steel Palma $600.00
    Standard contours 28" - 30" +$20.00
    Special Bore, Groove, or Twist; each +$35.00
  Douglas Chrom-Moly 26" or less $435.00
    Stainless Steel +$68.00
    Air Gaged +$35.00
  E.R. Shaw or Adams & Bennett barrels available $350.00

Large ccartridge case, RUMs, 338 Lapua, 50 Cal.

+$25 - 50
Special Breech Cuts:  
  Bolt recess (Remington 700, etc.) $25.00
  Extractor cuts (Remington 37, Winchester 52, etc.) $75.00
  Bolt recess & extractors (Winchester Pre 64, etc.) $75.00

Ruger No1s and some other single shot extractor cuts

$75 - 100
Barrel set back, Rechambered, Retimed (Bolt extractor cuts, holes, extra) $250.00
Chamber, Thread and Fit Customer's barrel (holes, extractors extra) $250.00
Fit Chambered and Threaded barrel (holes, extractors extra) $70 - 100

Special Throating

$35- 50
Turn Special Barrel Contours from blank (average cost) $110 - 210
Blue barrel we install $45.00
Backed black lacquer barrel we install $45.00
Turn for front sight Barrel Band $45.00
Above on barrel we install $40.00
Mill barrel for LPR Switch Barrel System (Hex or flats) $45.00

Mill Savage factory barrel for LPR Switch Barrel System using two nuts for headspace


M1 Garand, M1A, AR-10, AR-15, 1903 & 1903A3 Springfield, 1917 Enfield, M98 Mauser barrels

Please call or email for price


Fit unchambered barrel to M1 Garand, M1A, AR-10, AR-15, 1903 & 1903A3 Springfield, 1917 Enfield (Does not include cost of barrel)


Fit short chambered barrel to M1 Garand, M1A, AR-10, AR-15, 1903 & 1903A3 Springfield, 1917 Enfield (Does not include cost of barrel)

It should be note that barrel jobs take top priority.
All barrel work will be returned to the customer in the timeliest possible manner.


Drilling and Tapping
One Hole $20 - 25
Two Holes $40.00
Three Holes or More (each hole) $17.00
Holes with Barrel Job (each hole) $15.00
Metal Work
Cut Guide for Stripper Clips $95.00
Recut Face of Bolt $35.00
Lap in Bolt Lugs $45.00
Square Face of Action $35.00
Square Recoil Lug (Surface grind) $30.00
Cut and Crown $60.00
Install Sako Type extractor on Remington Bolt (Extractor Included) $120.00
Thread and fit muzzle break (break not included) $50 - 90
Stock Work
Open Inletting and Bedding No Pillars $150 - 200
Open Inletting and Bedding with Steel or Bisonite Pillars $165 - 330
Rebed Barrel and Recoil section $45 - 95
Open Inletting M1 and M1A Stocks or Handguard for heavy barrel $35.00
Install Recoil Pad (Labor Only) $30 - 55
Install Adjustable Butt Plate (Labor Only)  
  2 Way Butt Plate $60 - 110
  3 Way Butt Plate $85 - 165
Install Sling Swivel; Standard and QD (Labor Only) $25 - 35
Install Hand-stop Rail (Rail not included) $50 - 75
Cut Stock for Length of Pull $22.00
Install Adjustable LPR Cheek Piece (Includes Hardware) $185.00
Vent Stock $85.00
General Work

Proof fire with factory load

Check Headspace $15.00
Inspect Barrel with Bore Scope $20.00
Chamber Casting (Not for return to customer, measurements only) $25.00
Diamond Lap Barrel or Remove Fouling $55.00
Trigger Job (Bolt Gun, M1 or M1A) $45 - 75
Clean and Oil $45 - 65
Range test or Sight-in (Not including ammunition) $50.00
Polish and Blue (Commercial salt bath) standard polish (Average price) $150.00
Drop in Blueing Tank (Customer polish and assemble) $65.00
Mount Scope and Base, then Bore Sight $25 - 45
Cut Dovetail $35.00
Pull Ball and Load from Muzzleloader (Minimum Cost) $40.00
Prices subject to change due to purchasing or production cost.

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