The Savage rifle that Larry fired at the US Palma team tryouts
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Savage long-range rifles are built from M12 single-shot actions.
These are short stainless steel actions (308 Winchester length) that can be used with most prone long-range high power cartridges in use today. This is because long-range matches are strictly slow-fire and no magazine is used.

These guns are totally reworked by Larry to transform them into a top of the line target rifle.

  • The factory barrel is replaced by a 30" Krieger stainless steel barrel
  • The actions is tuned and the lugs are lapped
  • The action is bedded in the stock using Bisonite and steel pillars
  • The trigger is honed to a good sharp let-off
  • Work on the laminated stock includes:
    • Installation of an adjustable cheek piece
    • Installation of a hand-stop rail
    • Vent holes under the barrel are cut in the stock to improve cooling
    • If the customer likes, an adjustable butt plate can also be installed at added cost

These rifles can be built to meet the needs of the customer.
All Palma rifles are built to meet US and international regulations.
Sights are not included.

These Rifles are outstanding shooters at a great price.

Only $2075.00


Target Actions

Savage long-range rifles can also be built with the Savage single-shot small port target actions. These are short stainless steel actions (308 Winchester length) and are right bolt, right port. They are very rigid and employ three action screws instead of the standard two. All other features are the same as the standard Savage long-range rifle.

Rifles built with the small port target actions are:



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