The 6.5X51 LPR is a 6.5X55 Swedish chamber shortened by 0.150" from the base. This makes for a cartridge that holds about five grains less powder them the 260 Remington cartridge. The 6.5X51 LPR is formed from 308 Winchester brass by using a shortened 6.5X55 die. These dies are made up by Larry using a set of standard 6.5X55 dies or the customer can send in dies to be trimmed to the proper length. The 6.5X51 has the same trim length as the 308 Winchester, a maximum of 2.015".

The combination of a longer case neck, smaller case capacity, and being able to form the cartridge from readily available cases makes the 6.5X51 an excellent a across the course cartridge. The advantage of the smaller case capacity is that it is more efficient. Simply put, the cartridge is able to produce the same muzzle velocity as the 260 Remington with less powder, which in turn means a longer barrel life.

Many shooters in New England and across the country shoot the 6.5X51 and there have been articles in Precision Shooting about the cartridge. If you have any questions about the 6.5X51 LPR, feel free to contract Larry by e-mail or phone.

It should be noted that the 6.5X51 LPR was designed for shooting across the course (from 200 yards to 600 yards) and was not intend for shooting long-range. We feel that the 260 Remington or 6.5X284 are better options for long-range shooting (beyond 800 yards).


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6.5X55 Swedish, 308 Win, and 6.5X51 LPR

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